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Public Research

The below are only some public or publicly released predictions based on research done by the research firms YRP and ARF prior to merging in 2018. For details on demographic definitions, see who are the Millennials, who are iGenz, and who are AutoMons for details.


  • (ARF) The People's Republic of China will outperform the United States in the most important industries in the 21rst century to become the world's dominant superpower.


  • (YRP) 20-25% of Millennials will regret going to college and promises for college graduates (over $1 million more in lifetime earnings) will be false.
  • (YRP) When comparing an ambitious Millennial attending college versus an ambitious Millennial who didn't go to college, the Millennial who didn't go to college will outperform the college graduate (medicine being the exception).
  • (YRP) Millennials born in the bottom 20% of household incomes will outperform their peers born in the top 20% of household incomes in money.
  • (ARF) The Asia-Pacific region will lead the world in millionaires and billionaires in the 21rst century.


  • (YRP) 25-30% of Millennials will never marry.
  • (YRP) Provided Millennial women don't drop out of the workforce, Millennial women will make at least 8% more than Millennial men.
  • (YRP) Non-American born Millennials will outperform American Millennials in marriage and money in the United States.


  • (YRP) The labor shortage in medicine will continue grow in the United States along with medical bureaucracy and health care costs will soar.


  • (ARF) Security risks for companies storing digital identity information will rise indefinitely along with major security compromises.


  • (YRP) Asia-Pacific education institutions will lead the world in the 21rst century in most innovation, research and education.
  • (YRP) United Stated education institutions are losing credibility and will continue to lose credibility worldwide.
  • (ARF & YRP collaboration) The Chinese Renminbi will be in the SDR basket within a decade and will become a currency that central banks around the world will begin holding.

Releasing Private Research

If the time context of past private research passes, we may release private release for public consumption. If the private research was done for a specific client, this will remain private indefinitely. Most research on iGenz and Automons will remain private until the time context favors release.

Politics In the Context of Demographics

One change since merging YRP with ARF was ending political and religious predictions and discussions. Given the changing social nature of these topics, we've terminated any research around political and religious topics. For this reason and others, Maixin Research will not discuss politics, religion or any derivatives of either. We suggest you contact Gallup, Pew Research, Rasmussen, or other research firms if you need assistance in these topics.